Sunday, January 27, 2013

Talking Point One (Quotes) Media & Ideology-Croteau

I would just like to point out that even though I've already read this piece, it still wasn't an easy piece to read....especially now that I had to look at it through a new set of eyes and a different mindset! This piece was still pretty dense and although it is full of many important points I pulled out some quotes that I felt were the best representations of the article and the ones that I kept referring back to.

1. "Media sell both products and ideas, both personalities and worldviews; the notion that mass media products and cultural values are fundamentally intertwined has gained broad public acceptance." page 161
>When I read this section of the article I thought to myself "how completely true." The media is basically selling us who we want to be in every aspect, no matter which way you look at it. By promoting products the media is encouraging you to be a certain way and by having certain people endorse those products the media is basically saying when you use/have this product you're like the person endorsing it.

2. "In essence, the media accumulation of media images suggests what is "normal" and what is "deviant." This articulation is accomplished, in large part, by the fact that popular media, particularly television and mass advertising, have a tendency to display a remarkably narrow range of behaviors and lifestyles, marginalizing or neglecting people who are "different" from the mass-mediated norm." page 163
>So this section really stuck out to me. I think the media's idea of normal can go F it's self (: The media portrays this lifestyle that is pretty much unattainable. For instance, women are supposed to be skinny & beautiful & the reality is not every woman out there is a size 0, women are beautiful in their own way but no that's too "different" and unacceptable. The media portrays men as having to be muscular and toned and cocky when most men are just sweet, sensitive guys but NOPE sorry that's too "different" as well. The media portrays such a narrow view.

3. "Media representations are intertwined with questions of power and ideology because the process of giving meaning to events suggests that, potentially, there are multiple definitions of reality." page 168

About Me! (cliche title I know)

Hi Everyone!
My name is Celine, I'm 20 and a junior here at RIC double majoring in Psychology & Gender Studies (after taking Dr. Bogad & Chris's class last semester haha)  Their class was by far my favorite class of the semester and the place I always felt most comfortable at school so I thought what the hell I'll come back for more this semester (:

I'm a really ambitious person, I have big plans for myself.  I hope to someday work with teens with eating disorders--the issue of Eating Disorders is very important to me (if you're interested you can read my blog from last semester although I have no doubt it will come up again this semester)  WHICH REMINDS ME! here's a link to my blog from last semester in case anyone's interested:  

Celine's Blogging Experience Part 1

When I'm not in class I work....a lot.  I'm an assistant toddler teacher at an early learning center (I love my kids!) and I work at the ice rink in downtown Providence.  When I'm not in class or working, you can find me catching up on homework or sleeping (I'm almost always behind on one of the two.)  This is the first semester in three years that I have class everyday so I'm interested to see how this goes..
Other than working and school I do have a life! I like to read and watch movies and spend time with friends and family.

My class with Dr. Bogad & Chris last semester was amazing and I have no doubt this semester will be the same, not only did I learn so much and gain a new perspective but I also met some pretty awesome people that I still continue to talk and I'm looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you as well!