Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Outside Connection One

I've been home in bed for the past two days with some really, really nasty version of the stomach bug...I can barely move (that's why I wasn't in class yesterday).  So I have no interest in watching television but I have been on Pinterest and I found this picture that immediately made me think of the Pilot episode of Glee.

In the Pilot episode when Mr. Schuester is telling the principal he'll take over Glee Club, he is explaining to him that it is important because everyone feels invisible (and then lightens it up but throwing in "that's why everyone has a Myspace.")  When I saw this picture it made me think back to this scene because although Mr. Schu was throwing in the Myspace comment for humor, it has some truth behind it.  Teenagers often do feel invisible and feel like no one is listen and feel that what they are saying doesn't matter (which can be related back to Hine's article as well).  Teenagers often go to social media as their outlet for expressing themselves--they write because whether or not anyone is listening it's getting out there.  Teenagers are always looking for a way to be heard whether it is through social media or music or art or graffiti.  They write to tell what they cannot verbally say or what they are trying to verbally and just cannot find the words.

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