Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Outside Connection Two

As I've mentioned before I am an AVID Pinterest user...mostly of the Humor section (:

As I was searching the other day I found this picture...
I didn't see the original ad but I wish I had.  It is about time advertisements begin to show diverse families.When people began to boycott...they retaliated with two dads instead of two moms...clever.
I am a toddler teacher at an early learning center...a very ritzy, upscale, expensive as shit one at that (and it's the only downfall of my job)  Well let me tell you, when a new student started who had two moms it was the ONLY thing the other teachers talked about for days after our annual "Ice Cream Social".  Why?  Because it's still not what society considers to be "normal"...which is why the JCPenney was boycotted as well.

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