Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vagina Monologues--very very delayed

So I know I'm really delayed posting this.  I didn't think we had to post a blog about the Vagina Monologues if we went--I thought we had to write something about so I was all prepared to like hand in a typed thing about my "experience" or show proof that I went or something.  Nonetheless, this is extremely delayed and I apologize.

I did go to Vagina Monologues back in February (the Friday night performance...the 15th) and I was really excited about it.  I took my sister, who at the time was 17, her best friend who is 16.  My older cousin came...she's 25 and her friend who is also 25 came.  I'm not sure how the topic came up but I was telling Brooke a couple weeks ago in class that my sister's friend (16) was so...I don't even know the right word to use haha...nervous? confused? misunderstanding of the whole thing?  And that is why I took them.  I thought they should be exposed to what is going on in the world, I thought it was time to open their eyes to something bigger and more important than their stupid iPhones...I wanted them to see what it is like to stand up for something.  After taking GEND 200 last semester with Chris and Dr. Bogad my perspective about life in general has changed--while my sister and her friend sat there jaw-dropped and nervous the whole night I sat there feeling empowered.  Later when we went to dinner I asked what bothered them the most---my sister's friend basically said she felt awkward, she felt "weird" talking about her body like that.  I however, felt that it made me feel less awkward thinking of and talking about my body and my vagina.

I guess you can also say I felt a lot of school pride that night-- that we go to a school that, although isn't 100% accepting of everything and everyone still allows us to express ourselves.  I say this because my cousin who came with me is a Providence College Alumni ('09 maybe?) and she was so excited to see Vagina Monologues because her senior year it was supposed to be performed at PC.  However, because PC is a Catholic university, it was cancelled due to it being "conflicting teachings" or some lame excuse like that.

I hope even though my sister and her best friend were uneasy about the experience, they at least learned something...and with my sister being a student at RIC this upcoming fall there's plenty of time to make sure I open her eyes REAAAAAALLLLY wide to the rest of the world outside of her phone (;

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